Soul Latte- Coffee Painting Course

Duration: 4 weeks

Mode: Online

The certificate will be Provided


For the aesthetic and innovative artists who want to explore beyond traditional painting. 

This course will capacitate and empower the artist to create beautiful artwork with aromatic coffee.

Goal: Fun, Easy & Enjoyable learning to create coffee painting Accurately and Masterfully.

Duration: 4 weeks ( 1-2 Sessions per week)

Certificate will be provided.

Outcome: You will gain Confidence & Expertise in creating a beautiful coffee painting, in a Step-by-Step manner.


Uniqueness Of Soul Latte Coffee Painting Course

This course will give you an edge over others because of the unique Coffee Painting Tones   used successfully in your outstanding art work.

You will be able to recreate the various tonal variations  as demonstrated in this course.

You will work with confidence & will have a better understanding of any medium.

Project coffee painting will be a subject of your choice with textured background incorporating all techniques covered in this course.

How the Soul Latte Coffee Painting Course be Carried Out

Module - 1

  • Types of coffee
  • History of coffee painting
  • Fundamentals of Art
  • Understand the Coffee Scale.
  • Importance of Tonal Variation and Shading.
Module - 2

  • Materials and Methods
  • How to prepare different concentrations /dilutions of coffee.
  •  Demonstrate coffee painting Techniques and Textures.
  • Assignment

Module - 3 

  • Learn to sketch lightly Portrait outline, Eyes, Nose, Ears, Lips, and hair Step by Step.
  • Make a coffee painting portrait in a Fun, Easy, and Doable way.
  • Select Project coffee painting Reference.
  • Assignment.
Module - 4

  • In Step by Step BOLDway make the coffee painting.
  • Certificate on Submission of project work and Testimonial.